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Visionary Vitamin Co. proudly offers wholesale pricing to retina, ophthalmology, optometry practices, independent pharmacies, teaching institutions, and hospitals.

Program Overview

Patients need a direct and concise recommendation for a brand specific eye vitamin product from their eye care professional. Otherwise, how do you know what your patient is going to buy? The vitamin aisle in any given pharmacy is littered with eye vitamin products that simply do not provide your patients with clinically proven levels of key nutrients or make false claims. Visionary Vitamin Co. is not found in your local pharmacy because our brand represents something more. Visionary Vitamin Co. provides eye care professionals from across the country exclusive access to top quality products that are best in class and designed specifically to improve patient compliance and adherence. The Visionary brand empowers the eye care professional by allowing him or her to deliver superior patient care by providing best in class products in the convenience of their office along with these other advantages:
  • Improved patient compliance and adherence
  • Exclusive access to top-quality products
  • Higher quality product versus store brand alternatives
  • Free promotional materials at no additional charge
  • Discounted pricing for qualified partners
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Who We Partner With

We work with some of the top practices from across the nation in the following specialties:
  • Retina Specialists
  • Opthalmologists
  • Optometry Practices
  • Independent Pharmacies
  • Teaching Institutions
  • Clinics and Hospitals
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